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Yamaha YFH-8310Z Custom Flugelhorn

Brand new design

A brand new design based off of the original YFH-6310Z Bobby Shew Professional Bb flugelhorn.

New trigger system

The newly designed third valve slide trigger is more ergonomic and will accommodate a wider range of hand sizes.

New leadpipe design

The YFH-8310Z features a newly designed leadpipe, outer leadpipe area and a new connection brace between the leadpipe and the valve casing.

New top and bottom valve caps

The new top and bottom valve caps match the YTR-8310Z Bobby Shew Custom Bb trumpet.

Vertical valve tubing

Traditionally, flugelhorns are made with vertical valve tubing.

Monel pistons

Monel pistons are resistant to corrosion and are an ideal choice for professional flugelhorn pistons which must retain precise fit and smooth action over many years.

Hand-lapped pistons and slides

Hand-lapping pistons and slides ensures an absolutely perfect fit and seal between the pistons and casing or slide parts. Such a perfect fit helps to achieve smooth air flow and smooth action and improve the response and intonation of the instrument.


  • Level: Custom Z Flugelhorn
  • Key of: Bb
  • Bor: e0.413"
  • Bell Diameter: 6"Leadpipe
  • Yellow Brass: Body Material
  • Yellow Brass: Bell Material
  • Yellow Brass: WeightMedium
  • Key Buttons: Mother of pearl
  • Finish: Clear Lacquer
  • Pistons/ Valves: Monel
  • Mouthpiece: Bobby Shew Signature Series flugelhorn mouthpiece
  • Features: 3rd valve slide trigger; Vertical slides; Moveable mouthpiece receiver
Yamaha YFH-8310Z Custom Flugelhorn
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Price: $2,795.99

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