Fox Renard Model 41 Polypropylene Bassoon

Renard student models 41 is a unique combination of playability, practicality, and durability. The model 41 employs a full German key system, while the 51 is built with short reach keys for both hands. Both models are designed for beginning or middle school aged students and for budget conscious schools and institutions.

  • Molded, hand-finished polypropylene body/LI>
  • German (white synthetic ivory) bell/LI>
  • Nickel silver water tubes extending into the bore/LI>
  • Body lock
  • Rollers for right little finger F and A?
  • Rollers for left little finger E? and D?
  • Two "C" Bocals ~ Options: Professional Double Star R2 Bocals; CVX, CVC, CTX, CTC styles; Lengths 0-4
  • Fox Renard Model 41 Polypropylene Bassoon
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