Now that you have rented your instrument from Beacock Music, it is time to upgrade to a Step-Up level instrument! Since you have been renting from us, you have built up rent credit, up to 12 months* worth!

Use your rent credit towards a step-up instrument
Financing available
Full repair department checks all instruments before they are put in your hand
Take the instrument home to try it before purchasing
Major brands and models

Why Upgrade Your Instrument?

Step-Up Instruments have features that student-level instruments (like our rentals) don't have.  Step-up instruments are designed to have a better response time and improved dynamic expression.  They also have a good resale value- so if the student doesn't continue playing after high school, we can put it on consignment for you!  Learn more about the features of the step-up instruments below.

Phil Hodapp, our Director of School Services, explains some of the features and benefits of a step-up instrument.

Open Holes: help promote proper finger placement to help further playing technique
 Low-B Foot: the additional key on the foot helps players play both lower and higher notes that become common in more advanced music. 
 Sterling Silver Headjoint: helps the player produce a better sound
 Trill Keys: helps the student play two notes together, quickly in a trill pattern, common in more advanced music
 Wood Body: helps players create a rich, warm sound (Grenadilla wood is the most common)
 Tone Holes: undercut tone holes allow for the sound to be altered within the instrument and helps create a darker, richer tone
 Bore: improvements in the bore help with intonation and sound
 Key Material: most step-up clarinets will have silver keys, but some will have nickel or gold.  
 Modified or Full Conservatory Key System: helps the player play more notes, more easily
 Additional Keys: Step-up oboes will often have additional keys to help players have an extended range of playing.
 Body Material: helps players create a rich, warm sound (Grenadilla or Black African are the most common)
Features for alto, tenor, and bari sax step-ups are the same, such as:
 Neck: helps players produce a cleaner, richer, darker sound
 Body Material: different composition helps the player produce a rich, dark, true mellow sound and help players blend into an ensemble
 Key Features: additional keys and rollers help the players play more notes, and faster
 Tonehole: tighter, more advanced tone holes help players hit the notes quickly
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 Body Material: thinner metal helps players produce a warm, rich, beautiful sound
 Valve Slides: helps the player adjust the intonation of the instrument and tune as they go
 Valves: construction helps players hit their notes
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 Wrap System: Geyer and Kruspe are the two most common wraps for a French horn.  The Geyer wrap has less tubing, while the Kruspe has more tubing. If the player isn't sure, they are always welcome to try both and see which one they prefer.
 Body Material: thinner metal helps players produce a warm, rich, darker sound
 Bore: The larger interior bore helps players have more volume and produce a warmer sound.
 Thumb Trigger: Allows the player to play notes closer together and hit them easier
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 Bore: Step-up trombones typically have larger bores which helps players produce a warmer, richer sound
 F Attachment: the trigger allows the instrument to have extra tubing, which gives the player more agility when playing more complicated music
 Wrap: open wrap and closed wrap are both available in step-up trombones.  It is recommended to have the student try both and they can see which one they prefer.
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*12 months of rent applies to woodwind, brass, and orchestral instruments. Percussion instruments i.e. percussion kits and combo kits earn 6 months, and acoustic guitars, electric guitars, and electric basses earn 3 months. Please see your rental agreement or contact us if you have more questions.