Daryle Rustvold MusicForLife Scholarship

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The Daryle L. Rustvold Music for Life Scholarship provides for exploration and growth in music through diverse learning opportunities, for all ages, to share and cultivate a life-long appreciation for all music forms, as exemplified by its honoree.

Daryle L. Rustvold was an avid learner and lover of music. In addition to an overall appreciation of many music genres, Daryle began studying classical guitar in the 1970s. He played in the folk services at St. Andrew Lutheran Church most recently in their Winds and Strings group. As part of that group he had the opportunity to make a CD, which the group sold to help the homeless population in Vancouver. 

Daryle experienced significant hearing loss from his years of working in the Camas paper mill, but his love of music was more powerful than the loss of his hearing and he continued to play guitar. He continued to appreciate all music, and always encouraged and supported arts education.

As a life-long member of the community, Daryle crossed paths frequently with Beacock Music in pursuit of passion for music. To honor, share and grow this passion for others in the community, his daughters have established this collaborative scholarship with Beacock Music in his memory. 

Through it, we hope the sound music will fill your soul and warm your heart for life. 

To apply, please print the following application and bring in to the Education Center